10Gbps XFP Transceiver, Single mode, 10km, LC, 1310nmDFB

10Gbps XFP Transceiver, Single mode, 10km, LC, 1310nmDFB

Part No:E-S5893XF
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Data Rate: 10 Gbps    

Wavelength: 1310nmDFB

Reach/Connector: 10Km; LC

Temperature: 0~70c

10G Ethernet 10GBASE
10G Fiber channel
Other high speed data connections
Features and Benefit:
Compliant with ITU-T G.691 STM-64 S-64.2b
Compliant to IEEE Std 802.3-2005 10Gb
Ethernet 10GBase-ER/EW
Support 850nm, 1270nm, 1310nm, 1330nm, and 1550nm wavelength
Rates on both 8.5G and 10G
XFP MSA Rev. 4.5 compliant
Full digital diagnostic management interface
XFP MSA package with duplex LC connector
Up to 11.3Gb/s bi-directional data links
Class 1 laser safety certified
Commercial operating temperature:-10 to +70
Industrial operating temperature:-40 to +85 - extended temperature, hardened
Support both dual fiber and signal fiber (Bidi) flavors
Up to 80km on 9/125μ m SMF
RoHS Compliant
Compatible to: Cisco, HP, Juniper, Brocade, Force10, Ciena, Allied Telesis, Dell, Extreme, D-link, Linksys, Telco, Calix, Adtran, 3Com, Nortel...
Order Information:

PN Data Rate Wavelength Distance/Connector Temperature
8.5G XFP Transceiver        
E-S5793XF-(x)* 8.5Gbps 1310nmDML 10Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5796XF 8.5Gbps 1550nm 40Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5798XF 8.5Gbps 1550nm 80Km; LC 0~70c
Hardened 8.5G XFP Transceiver (-40~85c)        
E-S5793XF-H 8.5Gbps 1310nmDFB 10Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5796XF-H 8.5Gbps 1550nm 40Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5798XF-H 8.5Gbps 1550nm 80Km; LC -40~85c
10G XFP Transceiver        
E-S5881XF 10Gbps 850nmVCSEL 300m; LC 0~70c
E-S5893XF 10Gbps 1310nmDFB 10Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5896XF 10Gbps 1550nm 40Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5898XF 10Gbps 1550nm 80Km; LC 0~70c
BiDi (Single fiber) Transceiver        
E-S5843XF 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 10Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5863XF 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 10Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5845XF 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 20Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5865XF 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 20Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5846XF 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 40Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5866XF 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 40Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5847XF 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 60Km; LC 0~70c
E-S5867XF 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 60Km; LC 0~70c
Hardened 10G XFP Transceiver (-40~85c)        
E-S5881XF-H 10Gbps 850nmVCSEL 300m; LC -40~85c
E-S5893XF-H 10Gbps 1310nmDFB 10Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5896XF-H 10Gbps 1550nm 40Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5898XF-H 10Gbps 1550nm 80Km; LC -40~85c
BiDi (Single fiber) Hardened Transceiver        
E-S5843XF-H 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 10Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5863XF-H 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 10Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5845XF-H 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 20Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5865XF-H 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 20Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5846XF-H 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 40Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5866XF-H 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 40Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5847XF-H 10Gbps 1270T/1330R 60Km; LC -40~85c
E-S5867XF-H 10Gbps 1330T/1270R 60Km; LC -40~85c

* There may be a letter in the brackets () for the system brand that the SFP+ module is compatible to - e.g. -(C) means "Cisco-compatible" and -(J) means "Juniper-Compatible
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